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Homoeopathy Practice Potgieter & Steiner

Dr. Nicoliene Potgieter Steiner
Tel. 061 312 5980

Dr. Manuel Steiner
Tel. 061 311 7366

Schauenburgerstrasse 8
CH-4052 Basel

Our aim

We are passionate about Homoeopathy and practise Classical Homoeopathy with true conviction and total commitment.

Every human being is unique and our treatment is based on individuality, as well as, sustainability. Your well-being and the continuous improvement of your health are our aims.

We take time for you and your concerns.

Classical Homoeopathy

Classical Homoeopathy is a holistic, complementary medical therapy which activates blocked or weakened self-healing forces. It is an effective healing method, free of side-effects and has been practised successfully world-wide for more than 200 years.

Due to the fact that Homoeopathy follows a holistic approach, it is an ideal method to treat all kinds of acute and chronic illnesses, whether their origin lies in emotional, psychosomatic or purely physical nature.


Detailed and differential questioning is an essential part of the consultation, whether the complaint is acute or chronic. Therefore, the first consultation could take up to 2 hours. This time is needed, since Homoeopathy does not only treat the local symptoms but the human being as a whole.

Treatment costs

Our costs are re-imbursed (50-90%) by the insurance for complementary therapies of the swiss medical aids («Zusatzversicherung für Komplementärmedizin»). Please check in advance with your medical aid, if you do have such an insurance and how much of the costs they will re-imburse.